Wood Model Ship Kits

Wooden ship models or wooden model ships are scale representations of ships, constructed mainly of wood.  This type of model has been built for over two thousand years.  There are five basic types of construction used in building a wooden ship model hull:  1. Solid wood hull sawn and carved from a single block of wood.  2. Gluing together two thinner blocks of wood so that a block is formed with the seam vertical, so that the seam will show running down that surface of the block which is to be the deck. No advantage is gained by having the seam show along the sides of the hull.  3. Bread and Butter Cutting four or five thinner slabs of wood (the Bread) to be glued (the Butter) later into a laminated block. In this case, the slabs will be oriented so that they sit one on top of the other.  4. Plank on bulkhead, a technique in which a series of shaped bulkheads are placed along the keel to form a shaped stage which will be covered with planks to form the hull of the model.  5. Plank on frame In this technique, the model is built just as the full size wooden ship is constructed. The keel is laid down in a manner which keeps it straight and true.. The stern post and stem are erected, deadwood and strengthening pieces inserted, and a series of shaped frames are built and erected along the keel to form the internal framework of the model. The planks are then applied over the frame to form the external covering.  All Kits come unassembled and require glue and various tools to complete.  Please call if you have any questions.