• E-Flite Apprentice ESP 15e BNF - With SAFE Technology
  • E-Flite Apprentice ESP 15e BNF - With SAFE Technology
  • E-Flite Apprentice ESP 15e BNF - With SAFE Technology


E-Flite Apprentice ESP 15e BNF - With SAFE Technology

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The E-flite® Apprentice® S 15e airplane is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by Horizon Hobby. At its heart is groundbreaking SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology that makes RC flight incredibly easy, even for the least experienced user. Its combination of spatial awareness provides flight envelope protection which adds a degree of security never before available, while its smooth flight capability battles windy conditions so that all you feel is control that’s crisp and responsive. Multiple levels of flight envelope protection are provided that can be reduced or removed as your skills progress, yet the “panic” feature is always there to instantly return the model to level flight if you ever lose orientation.

Requiring just minutes to assemble, you’ll appreciate how its quiet brushless power system delivers outstanding performance with long, enjoyable flights. Plus it’s built to last from lightweight Z-Foam™ material that’s tough enough to handle everyday flying punishment without getting bent out of shape. After you’ve mastered the basics of flight, the Apprentice S is capable of performing a complement of aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, rolls, and even inverted flight. You can also turn the Apprentice S into a great floatplane by simply adding the specially designed E-flite Apprentice S Floats (EFLA550)—sold separately.

Needed To Complete

  • 5+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter


    The E-Flite Apprentice has been a long-standing firm favourite amongst RC model flyers thanks to its consistent flying characteristics, no-nonsense value specification and its durable Z-foam construction. Thanks to E-Flite’s attention to detail and careful specification, the Apprentice has always been one of the most successful trainer style of aircraft, ideally suited towards the novice pilot who needs a gentle flying easy-to-master 4-channel aircraft as a step into the exciting world of RC model flight.

    Enhanced courtesy of the new SAFE technology that takes 6-axis stabilisation technology to a whole new dimension to provide an on-board safety net that’s with you every step of the way. SAFE is designed to help limit the response envelope that the airplane can otherwise be placed into by over control caused by pilot input. With SAFE technology, the novice pilot can learn and grow accustomed to the flight control responses as the technology limits the bank angle or the climb or descend rate within preset limits regardless of the transmitter control inputs. SAFE modes can be selected dynamically to provide three levels of support and performance. Beginner mode limits pitch and roll and offers stability assisted takeoff and landing along with a return to level flight when controls are returned to neutral positions. Intermediate mode expands the pitch and roll envelope preventing the plane entering extreme flight conditions, while Experienced mode removes all restrictions leaving only AS3X active to assist with ambient conditions.


      • Quick, easy assembly
      • Lightweight and durable Z-Foam™ construction
      • SAFE™ technology provides flight envelope protection and AS3X® system stability
      • Powerful 15-size, 840Kv brushless outrunner motor installed
      • E-flite® 30A Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC installed
      • Large, easy-access battery compartment
      • Wide-stance tricycle landing gear
      • Nose wheel steering for better ground handling
      • Powerful E-flite 3S 11.1V 3200mAh 20C Li-Po battery included
      • Li-Po balancing DC charger included
      • Optional E-flite Apprentice S Float Set (EFLA550), available
      • The ideal choice for new and intermediate pilots who already have a full-range DSMX® compatible transmitter

        Groundbreaking SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology makes RC flight incredibly easy even for the least experienced user. It revolutionary capability gives a model aircraft spatial awareness making it possible to provide flight envelope protection and a degree of security new pilots especially never had. Every pilot’s needs are different, that’s why multiple levels of flight envelope protection are selectable through the transmitter so that when flight conditions change, so can the level of protection. SAFE technology only limits the attitude of the aircraft. It in no way interferes with the freedom of control within the limits chosen by the pilot. In addition, SAFE technology makes smooth flight easier by battling windy conditions for you so that you can focus on guiding the aircraft the way you want.
        Best of all, sophisticated SAFE technology doesn’t require any work to enjoy. Every aircraft with SAFE installed is ready to use and optimized to offer the best possible flight experience.

        Another great feature of the SAFE technology is the inclusion of the Panic switch which, when activated in flight, will automatically cause the Apprentice S to level out as quickly as possible and to response normal, stable flight, thus giving the burgeoning pilot vital milliseconds to recompose themselves and regain control in the event of a momentary loss of orientation or the failure to navigate out of an intended manoeuvre.

        When flight skills have progressed, add even more excitement to your RC flight experience by converting the Apprentice S into a floatplane. The lightweight, Z-Foam float set (EFLA550, not included) includes all hardware required, plus a steerable water rudder to maximise the performance at a convenient lake or pond.


          Wingspan: 1500mm (59.0 in)
          Overall Length: 1080mm (42.5 in)
          Wing Area: 33.2 sq dm (515 sq in)
          Flying Weight : 1390 g (49.0 oz)
          Motor Size: 15 size - 840Kv BL installed
          Motor Battery:  3S 3200 mAh LiPo included
          Included Radio:  SPM DX5e
          Servos:  4 (included)
          Speed Control:  30 Amp BL ESC installed
          Wing Loading:  13.4 oz/sq ft
          Charger:  3S LiPo Balancing Charger, 0.5-3A (included)

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