• E-Flite L-13 Blanik 4.2m Glider - ARTF


E-Flite L-13 Blanik 4.2m Glider - ARTF

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With its authentic fully licensed “Red Bull” colour scheme the E-flite L-13 Blanik is a strikingly handsome high performance glider with outstanding flight characteristics.

The construction of the Blanik features a super smooth pre-painted fibreglass fuselage that offers lightness, rigidity and aerodynamic smoothness combined with super light balsa sheeted foam wing panels covered in UltraCote that is both long lasting and very easy to repair. Another benefit of this covering lies in the fact that its super smooth surface enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing.

With a very modest wing loading of 19.2 ounces per /sq ft the Blanik can say aloft on the merest of breezes and thermals and is perfect for slope soaring from higher ground or when being aero towed by a radio controlled tow-plane to a suitable altitude where it offers a delightful soaring experience and rewards pilots with its aerobatic prowess.

The wings feature electrically operated spoilers with no complicated linkages to reduce assembly time (optional) that can be deployed together with flaps on landing approaches enabling the approach to be made at a safe speed for landing replicating the full-size perfectly.

Just like the full-size the fuselage features a large hinged canopy that allows easy access to the radio installation whilst the forward sweep of the wings give the Blanik its distinctive look in the air.

This 1/4scale Blanik with its 165inch wingspan is guaranteed to deliver the very best of soaring experiences for the dedicated glider enthusiast!


  • Fibreglass Fuselage for strength, rigidity and lightweight
  • Balsa Sheeted Foam Core Wings maintain accurate reproduction of airfoil section and enable great strength and low weight
  • High Contrast Red Bull licensed Flying Bull unique trim scheme
  • Hinged canopy for additional scale detail
  • Spacious cockpit area for clean and easy radio installation
  • Landing Flaps included as standard for slower speed landings and increased versatility
  • Optional electric spoilers can be fitted without need for complex linkages.


  • ARTF
  • 2172mm
  • 5 Channel Minimum (not included)
  • 1/4 Scale
  • None - SPMSA 6030 recommended for Wings / SPMSA5040 for Elevators
  • 10kg flying weight
  • 4200mm