• E-Flite Mystique 2.9m Sailplane - ARF


E-Flite Mystique 2.9m Sailplane - ARF

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E-Flite’s Mystique 2.9 epitomises the grace and majesty that many associate with R/C sailplanes and it’s easy to see why.

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a soaring R/C sailplane as it glides effortlessly and gracefully across the skies; swooping and soaring using no more than mother nature herself, harnessing the thermal and wind energy above us.

The 2.9m Mystique has been inspired by F5J-class competition soarers and utilises the versatile Selig SD3021 aerofoil wing to provide class leading flying characteristics. The fibreglass fuselage is sleek yet roomy enough to house the electronics and control rods as well as having ample provision for a LiPo flight battery and the optional E-Flite Power 25 brushless motor for those interested in Limited Motor Run events or simply for those who want the reassurance of power to help gain altitude or when thermal activity is minimal.

Carbon wing tubes provide the torsional rigidity to endow the Mystique 2.9 with a crisp control response to enable the pilot to maximise their flight enjoyment whilst the pre-finished translucent ultracote panels in the wing sections really make the Mystique shine whilst in the air and provide a real eye-catching performance.

When equipped with the E-Flite Power 25 brushless motor, the time-to-climb performance of the Mystique 2.9 is truly outstanding and can be sparingly used to maximise overall flight time whether it be in competition or simply for recreational flying enjoyment.


  • Two Setup Options: Pure sailplane or Electric sailplane
  • Adjustable wing camber for performance soaring allowing the pilot to change the airfoil in flight to achieve different speeds
  • Fibreglass fuselage for maximum strength
  • Genuine UltraCote Lite and transparent covering for a lightweight design and increased invisibility in flight
  • Carbon wing spar for strength and rigidity
  • Full flying tailplane to optimize the flight envelope
  • Large canopy for easy access to the battery and radio equipment
  • Pure sailplane conversion components included (tow hook for bungee or winch launch)
  • Two-piece full-flying stabiliser
  • All wood, plug-in wings with fully hinged flaps and ailerons
  • Streamlined fibreglass fuselage with built-in vertical fin


  • ARF
  • 1480mm (58.5in)
  • 6+
  • 11.1V 3S 3200mAh LiPo recommended for electric power install (EFLB32003S30 not included)
  • E-Flite 60A EFLA1060 ESC recommended for electric power install (not included)
  • None - 4 x SPMSA7030 HV Wing Servos plus 2 x SPSA4020 micro digital servos recommended
  • 1.90 - 2.05kg Flying weight (inc battery)
  • 2.90m (114in)