• Multiplex Easystar II Electric RC Plane Kit -ARTF


Multiplex Easystar II Electric RC Plane Kit -ARTF

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 Multiplex Easystar Electric RC Plane Kit -ARTF


EasyStar – the modern path for your first steps in model flying EasyStar - the model with the innovative design! Quick to build, easy to master, and absolutely ideal for the fast steps in learning the art of flying. Fuselage, wing and tail panels, PERMAX 400/6V motor and propeller, full small parts pack, decal sheet and comprehensive, illustrated building instructions.


  • Two-part wing for ease of transport
  • Protected motor position above the wing
  • No sanding or painting required
  • Superb gliding characteristics with the motor stopped
  • Long fl ight times for extended practice sessions
  • Designed for six or seven NiMH cells - ideal for use with low-cost chargers
  • Can also be fl own with two LiPo cells if a MULTIcont X-16 speed controller is used
  • Tough ELAPOR® construction for reduced crash damage risk


Wingspan: 1370 mm
Fuselage length: 870 mm
All-up weight: ca. 680 g
Wing loading: 24 dm2
Wing loading (FAI): from 28,3 g/dm2
Motor: PERMAX 400/6V
Functions: Rudder and elevator, speed controller