• Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only
  • Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only
  • Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only
  • Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only


Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only

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 Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Only


Spektrum innovation gives RC pilots a new level of security and ease-of-use with the DX8. In addition to providing the benefits of Spektrum’s patent-pending DSM2 technology, the DX8 introduces advances in software, telemetry and ergonomics you simply won’t find in any other 8-channel system.
The DX8 is Spektrum’s first aircraft system that incorporates integrated telemetry. The transmitter’s screen displays real-time telemetry including receiver battery voltage, flight log data and signal quality. External sensors allow rpm, external voltage and temperature to be displayed on screen in real time. Alarms can be programmed to warn of low battery, over temperature, exceeded rpm and diminished RF signal strength.
The DX8 offers sophisticated programming to meet the demands of even the most experienced airplane and helicopter pilots. An easy-to-use rolling selector combined with intuitive software makes setting up models quick and easy. The DX8 is SD-card compatible allowing an infinite number of models to be stored and transferred. Plus firmware updates can be downloaded from the web providing you with the latest software upgrades at the click of a mouse.


The DX8’s powerful Spektrum AirWare software was developed exclusively by Spektrum from the ground up. This software includes all the programming functions an expert pilot could want, but you don’t have to be an expert to use them. The DX8’s intuitive Simple Scroll™ interface lets you “roll and click” your way between menus with ease. And all the information is presented in crisp, clear detail on a big, backlit LCD screen. But Spektrum didn’t stop at extensive programming options and an intuitive interface. Spektrum AirWare also boasts new features that make flying safer and programming even simpler including: Enhanced Wing Type Programming When selecting a wing type for an airplane, Spektrum AirWare graphically depicts the type you’ve chosen and will automatically configure the necessary mixes for the pilot. This saves time and reduces the chances for error when programming complex control surface configurations. Active Gyro and Governor Trim Fine tune rotor speed and gyro gain while in flight using trim switches you assign. Electronic E-Ring™ When programming the cyclic and pitch mixing for a helicopter, it is possible for the sum of the two mixing values to exceed the mechanical travel limits of the servos. This can cause them to be overdriven into a locked position. Spektrum AirWare’s Electronic E-Ring prevents this by automatically limiting servo travel if the sum of the cyclic and pitch values exceeds servo limits.


DX8 Programmable Features 3 Wing Types Dual Aileron, V-Tail, and Elevon mixing options available.  5 Point Graphic Pitch Curve Allows for adjustments of the pitch of the main rotor blades on a helicopter to optimise each flight mode.  5 Point Graphic Tail Curve Allows for adjustments of the pitch of the tail rotor blades on a helicopter to optimise each flight mode.  6 Programmable Airplane Mixes Allows for custom mixing of two servos. Active gain control Allows for inflight adjustments of the gyro gain settings.  Flap Delay with elevator compensation. Adjustable control of flap servo speed Language Select Allows user to change language displayed on screen; English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian are supported.  Low battery voltage warning Alerts the user with both an audible and visual warning.  Programmable Flap System Allows for elevator and flap positions to be programmed for landing and takeoff. Swash plate timing Allows for electronic correction of swash plate phasing; Helps helicopter perform better.  Telemetry warning screen(Audible/Buzzer) Provides both tone and vibration alerts. Timer Integrated Tracks total on time of transmitter.  3 Airplane Flight Modes Allows versatility in programming/set-ups/installations. 3 Programmable Dual Rates Allows for three programmable control rates on Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder.  3 Programmable Helicopter Mixes Allows for custom mixing of two or more servos. 4 Micro Second Trim Steps Changes the servo 4 micro seconds per trim step  4 Swash Plate Types Swash plate options to match the particular swashplate of the helicopter.  5 Point Graphic Throttle Curve Allows for adjustments of the throttle to optimise engine/motor RPM.  Differential Precise electronic adjustment of aileron travel when flaperon or elevon wing type is activated .  Digital trims with dual speed trim scroll Convenience and ease of use. Exponential throw Allows for greater control; allows control/stick movements that are less/more sensitive around centre stick position.  French Bandwidth Capable User enabled bandwidth restriction; Allows for compliance with French regulatory restrictions.  Gyro Adjust, Normal, Stunt & Hold Allows for separate gyro gain values in each flight mode.  Model Copy Allows the user to copy model settings from one model memory to another.  Model Name Allows the user to name each model memory. Model-Reset Allows the user to reset each model memory to the default settings.  Servo Monitor Displays servo movement direction when different programming functions, sticks and/or switches are moved.  Servo Reverse Provides ability to reverse servo throw from the transmitter. Sub Trim The Sub-Trim function allows the user to electronically adjust the centring of each servo. Swash plate expo Allows for greater control; allows control/stick movements that are less/more sensitive around centre stick position. Swash Plate Mix Allows individual setup of cyclic servos Throttle Cut The throttle channel moves to a preprogrammed position (low throttle, low trim) allowing the safe and convenient shut down of the engine. Travel adjust The travel adjust function allows the precise end-point adjustment of all six channels in each direction independently. Warning Screen Air Provides audible warning to user and does not transmit when certain switches/stick positions are not in their proper locations. (THRO, GEAR, FLAPS, F.MODE) Warning Screen Hel Provides audible warning to user and does not transmit when certain switches/stick positions are not in their proper locations. (THRO, STUNT, HOLD)


  • High-speed 11ms frame rate with 2048 resolution
  • 30-model internal memory
  • Large 128 x 64 backlit screen
  • Includes TM1000 full-range telemetry module providing real-time flight log data, receiver voltage, flight pack voltage, RPM and temperature
  • Includes AR8000 8-channel high-speed receiver
  • Includes 2000mAh NiMH battery pack
  • Includes SD card for Spektrum™ Data Interface
  • Includes global 12V charger with adapters for international use
  • Includes Spektrum neckstrap
  • 4 user-selectable control modes (modes 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Spektrum Data Interface for expanded model memory, model sharing and firmware updates
  • Exclusive Spektrum AirWare™ software
  • SimpleScroll™ programming interface for easy menu navigation
  • Electronic E-ring electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
  • 5-point graphic tail curve
  • 5-point graphic throttle and pitch curve
  • Active gain and governor trim allows in-flight adjustment
  • Swashplate timing
  • Telemetry alerts (vibe and audible)
  • 6 swashplate types
  • 3-position flap switch with flap delay and elevator compensation programming
  • 8 wing types and 5 tail types
  • Language select (English, Italian, French, Spanish or German)
  • User-assigned switch function
  • Programmable throttle cut
  • Refined ergonomics with no-slip comfort grips
  • Programmable timer with throttle timer startup
  • Quad bearing gimbals