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Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR

Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR

299.99 (WAS 349.99)

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Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR Vaterra 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 4WD RC Rock Racer RTR

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Twin Hammers is a new form of R/C Off-Road All Terrain Vehicle. A hybrid that draws upon its heritage out in the wilderness and amongst the canyons and Valleys of Mohave. A true Rock Racer, designed to traverse the flat open expanse of desert floor before scrambling over obstacles and clambering through rock strewn passes, blast Twin Hammers across the plains in its high range four wheel drive transmission before slamming it into low-range to execute the perfect crawl or clamber.
The two-speed transmission can be manually shifted whilst on-the-fly via the supplied Spektrum DX3E Transmitter for true Shift and Go action. In low range, Twin Hammers has all the capability associated with a 1.9 class Rock Crawler with its solid rear axle and differential-equipped front gearbox whilst in high range, it has buggy-like performance for higher speed runs. Though dimensionally smaller than other, 2.2 wheel equipped crawlers, Twin Hammers still manages to provide over 50mm of ground clearance and its lower, purposeful stance serves to improve its side-hilling and handling characteristics thanks to its lower Centre of Gravity.
Aggressively styled with is multi-piece lexan body panels and a polymer tuber-style exo-skeletal roll cage, Twin Hammers is contemporary amongst current class-1 off-road buggies. It’s low hood line is made possible thanks to the cantilever and push-rod front suspension which enables the coil-over oil dampers to be horizontally mounted away from the dirt and debris without sacrificing any of its essential wheel travel. Independent Front Suspension is provided via single wishbone and adjustable upper links, which endow Twin Hammers with dramatically improved handling characteristics over Rigs with a typical centrally pivoting trailing link arrangement. At the rear, true four-position link suspension enables incredible articulation of the solid rear axle whilst coil-over oil filled dampers provides the control to help scramble and clamber over the toughest of obstacles.
Waterproof electronics further enhance the go-anywhere appeal of the Twin Hammers making it arguably one of the most singularly versatile R/C off Road vehicles available today and its scale looks are completed by means of the functional spare wheel and tyre and the driver / cockpit moulding.


Johnson Valley, Mojave California is home to one of the World’s most gruelling off-road auto events; a 165 mile long point-to-point race through some of the toughest and most inhospitable terrain known to man. Each year, hundreds of crews converge in front of thousands of fans to pit their wits and engineering prowess against not just each other but also the terrain itself.
Two trails stand out amongst them all as the most treacherous and hazardous; Jack Hammer and Sledge Hammer. Together, known as the Twin Hammers, they are the most demanding of all the Trails and a place where reputations are made or lost. Master the Twin Hammers and become a legend; a hero who can stand tall amongst their peers and be amongst the elite few.
Twin Hammers by Vaterra is the perfect synergy of high-speed off-road traverse and bone-crushing Rock Crawling. A combination of brain and brawn; of power and finesse.


- Two-Speed Transmission
- Solid Axle Rear 4-Link Suspension
- Independent Front cantilever suspension
- Adjustable Oil Filled Shock Absorbers
- Molded Chassis and Multi-Piece Roll Cage
- Beadlock Wheels with Race Claw 1.9 Scale Tyres
- 4-link suspension
- Waterproof Electronics
- Authentic scale detailing
- Dual Position Battery tray for large capacity batteries
- Spektrum DX3E 2.4GHz Transmitter
- 15T brushed motor system
- Fully molded roll cage
- Dynamite SpeedPack 2000mAh LiPo Battery Pack and
charger included


You get everything you need to get going straight away - all in the box. That includes a mains balance charger, the Speedpack 2000mAh LiPo battery pack, Spektrum DX3E transmitter (that allows for switching between the low and high gear on the fly) with four AA batteries as well as even a small tool set to allow you to work on the Twin Hammers if you should feel the urge to clean it or change set up. Nothing else is needed other than a sense of adventure and a desire to get the most out of this fantastic model.

NOTE: UK version will come with a UK mains
lead for the charger.

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