• The Road to Karthage: Winter Feud - Horus Heresy Event (3500 pts) - 11th December 2022
  • The Road to Karthage: Winter Feud - Horus Heresy Event (3500 pts) - 11th December 2022

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The Road to Karthage: Winter Feud - Horus Heresy Event (3500 pts) - 11th December 2022


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In association with - Warzone Heresy Scotland - https://www.facebook.com/WarzoneHeresyScotland/
“The fires of the Horus Heresy have spread, seeking to consume the galaxy in a conflagration of rebellion. Nowhere is safe from the touch of war, and the spectre of death looms heavy against the embattled worlds of the Segmentum Obscuras. 

In the aftermath of the Harrowing, the planet of Safehold is now a scorched wasteland, irrevocably sundered with the devastating energies of the Exterminatus-grade weaponry unleashed by the victorious Loyalist high command. 

A potential forward base of operations has been lost to the Warmaster. The vengeful Loyalist forces have succeeded in evacuating the planet’s stockpiles of war-material and Mechanicum adepts to bolster their ongoing resistance against the rising storm of Chaos. The Traitor survivors from this battle retreat towards safer territories, and into the sectors held by their Warmaster’s “Dark Compliance”. 

Far from the front lines, these well defended systems should hold an opportunity for succour to the battered forces of Horus, however, the Loyalist forces are emboldened by their recent victories and quickly follow, seeking to crush any Traitor strongholds in their path. 

These battles would rage across the breadth of the Segmentum, and would eventually culminate in the darkly-fated wars on Kharthage. However, many other actions occurred in the long years prior to this conflict, and each stood as a testament to the brutality of Astartes warfare…”

Altrax Prime lies at the heart of a series of snow-bound exoplanets orbiting a cooling red dwarf star, a swollen and polluted hiveworld of industrial hives, deep-core mines and icebound tundra. Declaring early in the war for the forces of Horus, the tireless industries of Altrax Prime supply the treacher-Astartes with munitions, armour, and vehicles for their wars across the galaxy. 

Such a bastion cannot be allowed to stand in the face of the Emperor’s wrath, and it must be sundered to slow the Warmaster’s advance on Terra. To the defending forces of the Warmaster, Altrax Prime is a key component in their military supply chain in the sector, and must be defended at all costs.

For the civilian inhabitants of Altrax Prime, the ensuing conflict would stain the snows of their once peaceful homeworld red - for the apocalyptic battles to come would be some of the most bitterly contested of the entire Horus Heresy. 

Brother strikes at brother, and no quarter is asked or given, in what would become known as “The Winter Feud”.

At this event there will be Six 6x4 Tables available to play on.
Crusade force with points values of 3500.
Allied detachments allowed.
No Fury of the Ancients ROW allowed.
No painting requirements enforced but it's nice to play against some complete armies so do your best.
We will be running 2 games randomly drawn between the Traitor and Loyalist legions so you get to play 2 different opponents. 

A quiz, Painting competitions and highest VP's will be rewarded at the end of the day with gift vouchers for our store along with some random spot prizes for players to win.
3 x categories for painting.  Vehicle, Squad and "Hero" (single miniature).
£12 per head for the days gaming.
Light refreshments will be available.
The shop is open as normal for purchases.
- Timetable -
Doors open at 8am
Games starting at 9am

08:00 - Registration 
09:00 - Game 1 
13:00 - Lunch/Best Painted Show and Shine
13:30 - Quiz (optional)
14:30 - Game 2
18:45 - Award Presentation
19:00 - Home

Any questions please contact us via Facebook or email.
Tickets are non refundable so please make sure you can attend.  Tickets are transferable to others just let us know who will be attending in your place.