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  • MTG: War of the Spark Theme Single Booster - White

Wizards Of The Coast

MTG: War of the Spark Theme Single Booster - White

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War of the Spark Themed booster pack containing 35 White cards.

War has come to Ravnica, and Planeswalkers from around the Multiverse are converging to fight for and against Nicol Bolas as he attempts to restore his own god-like power at the expense of countless lives.

Leading the charge for the forces of good are Jace and Gideon, desperately hoping to prevent Bolas from gaining enough power to keep the entire Multiverse under his thumb for eternity. Alongside the rest of the Gatewatch and dozens of other Planeswalkers, Jace and Gideon must hold back the tide of Eternals and prevent absolute calamity.