• Ben Buckle Super Sixty 60 3 Channel Nitro RC Plane Kit

Ben Buckle

Ben Buckle Super Sixty 60 3 Channel Nitro RC Plane Kit

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This is the all time classic trainer. Many thousands of R/C pilots had their first tentative flights with a Super 60 and in the midst of the bewildering number of 'trainers' that are available today the good old Super 60 is still going strong and is a far better model to build and fly than the 'orrible plastic clip together stuff that promises much but delivers so little.

If you take the time to build your own model then the satisfaction gained from flying it is far greater than that of a so called 'ready to fly' model.

The Super 60 is easily recognised down at the flying field and many R/C instructors will be only too happy to give you some lessons on it as they will be familiar with it and you will soon find yourself doing your own take off's and landings with no problems. And even if the model does get pranged then it can be mended because it is made from balsa and ply which can be glued and repaired.

The Ben Buckle Super 60.....often imitated...never equalled!

Span 63" (1600 mm)
Engine Size .25 - .35 2 stroke or .25 - .35 4 stroke  be careful not to overpower the Super 60  too much power makes it wallow and fly nose up so easy on the cc and easy on the throttle !
Radio 3 Channel