• BM400 2845/09 2100KV - Brushless Inrunner RC Motor - LATEST MODEL!


BM400 2845/09 2100KV - Brushless Inrunner RC Motor - LATEST MODEL!


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Brushless Inrunner RC Motor - BM400 (2845/09) 2100KV - LATEST MODEL!


• 220 watt motor
• 6 - 12 NiMh cells
• 2 - 4 LiPo cells
• Prop size from 6in (larger prop with less cells)
• Shaft Diameter 3.2mm Shaft
• Motor weight 98gm
• Speed Controller Recommended 25A ESC
• BM400 (2845/09) 2100KV


The sheer power of Thumper brushless motors far exceeds many motors costing 2 - 3 times their price. All of the Overlander Thumper Inrunnermotors are manufactured to Overlanders demanding standards, using the finest quality components. Our High Tech manufacturer uses state of the art CNC machine tools, giving the unique Overlander Thumper Inrunner design, this design means a lower weight motor with our exclusive black finish for better heat dissipation.


Every component of the motors are manufactured from the highest quality materials, only the best Neodym magnets are used along with special high temperature wire for windings, giving these motors reliability normally associated with much more expensive products.

Technical Specification

SKU 1688
Length mm 49mm
Width mm 28mm
Weight (g) 98
ESC 25 Amp
Inrunner/Outrunner Inrunner
KV 2001 - 3000
Motor Diameter (mm) 28