• DHK Zombie 8E Brushless Electric RC Truggy - RTR
  • DHK Zombie 8E Brushless Electric RC Truggy - RTR
  • DHK Zombie 8E Brushless Electric RC Truggy - RTR


DHK Zombie 8E Brushless Electric RC Truggy - RTR

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Serious nitro, competition performance and 'Truggy' style without the mess and noise, that's what the Zombie is all about! What's more, it's just about ready to run out of the box. All you need to add are some transmitter batteries.

The one thing that the Zombie does different is to make a statement. That statement is 'Fun'! Not only do you get all-terrain performance, you get a 'wicked' colour scheme and body as well. In all respects, the Zombie is not for the feint hearted.

The high power, brushless, inrunner motor coupled to a durable 80A, fan-cooled ESC extracting maximum performancse and fun from the included 3S cell 2600mAh Li-Po battery. Enough to give many .21 nitro engines a run for their money. The motor is kept cool by a finned, CNC machined mount that you can fit an optional fan to if required.

But power isn't everything. You need to transmit that power into the ground and this is where the Zombie comes into its own. You have 4WD through 3 differentials, metal gears in the differentials and metal drive shafts. The front hub carriers are aluminium for low unsprung weight and burability. Needless tio say, everything is fully ballraced for long life and minimum power loss. Grip is transmitted via large, tough wheels and chunky, all-terrain tyres, with a high-speed 'V' pattern. A tread pattern that works copes with just about any off-road surface but especially loose ones.

The anodised, T6 3mm aluminium chassis has all the screws recessed to limit damage to the heads and the side protection plates for the radio are moulded in tough plastic to resist knocks over and over. The top spine again uses anodised aluminium and creates a really strong structure to resist bending in jumps and rough off-road driving.

Suspension is courtesy of snazzy, anodised, 16mm, oil-filled, metal shocks plus anti-roll bars both front and rear. Camber and toe-in can be adjusted on the front and camber only on the back. Shocks mount on the tough, anodised, aluminium shock towers and have optional mounting positions top and bottom.

Although a handy balance charger is provided there are several recommended upgrade chargers such as the Sigma EQ Mini and Sigma EQ Eco for even faster charging. If you install rechargeable Nimh cells in the transmitter they will do that as well.

A range of heavy-duty upgrade parts are available to really customize your Zombie.


Length: 497mm (inc rear wing)
Width: 389mm
Height: 181mm (nc rear wing but not body)
Weight: 3.32Kg (w/o radio)
Servos: 1 x 9Kg, metal-geared, ballraced (Inc)
Radio System: 3ch 2.4Ghz Computer type (Inc)
Electric Motor: 11.1v 2260Kv Brushless Inrunner (Inc)
Gear Ratio: 10.68:1
Ground Clearance: 49.8mm
LiPo: 11.1v 3200mAh 20C (Inc)
Speed Controller: 80A Brushless, fan-cooled (Inc)
Front Track: 306mm
Rear Track: 313mm
Wheel Base: 330mm