• DJI AVL58 TX Lite Module


DJI AVL58 TX Lite Module


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DJI has a FPV system called the AVL58, that includes a Video Transmitter and Video Reciever, however, that Video Transmitter (Tx) is quite large, that has a aluminum case and cooling fan and that's pretty heavy. Now DJI has made that Video Tx smaller, called the AVL58 Tx Lite, it's much lighter and smaller now, range is up to 1km, also using 5.8Ghz frequency. For those who want DJI quality FPV solution on a small drone (Phantom size ~ 550 class drones), this is the Video Transmitter you want.

  • Weight : 15g (with cable is 30g)
  • Range : Up to 1km (factory said 1.2km)
  • Frequency : 5.8Ghz (Tested work with AVL58 Video Receiver and Lilliput Monitor form Storm FPV Combo