• DJI F550 Flamewheel E305 Frame Quadcopter ARF Kit


DJI F550 Flamewheel E305 Frame Quadcopter ARF Kit


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 Now includes the new E305 propulsion system.

In line with DJI’s spirit of constant innovation, we are happy to announce  new updates to theF450 & F550 ARF Kit.
In order to provide our customers with a better flying experience, these updated F450 and F550 kits will be offered at the same price as current kits.

A new propulsion system is customized and refined for the F450 and F550 series to bring greater efficiency and load capacity.

Upgrade 2312E motor

The new motor has rebuilt inner eletromagnetic design to achieve higher efficiency. This newdesign improves heat dissipation of the motor base, while lower cogging torque helps the motorwork smoother at low RPMs.


Adopts plastic shell with an embedded aluminum sheet to provide both protection and good heat dissipation to its inner parts. Optimized algorithms bring smarter response and greater stability than before.

Z-blade 9450 propellers

Due to well-designed aerodynamic shape and high-precision manufacturing techniques, Z-blade 9450 propellers produce powerful thrust with excellent dynamic balance performance, helping your platform easily handle greater payloads and reduce platform vibrations


FlameWheel series is multi-rotor frame designed for all pilots for fun or AP. With DJI WKM or NAZA autopilot system, it can achieve hovering, cruising, even rolling and other flight elements. It can be applied for entertainment, aerial photography, FPV and other aeromodelling activities.

We have a range of packages for the F550 Flamewheel from the basic kit with motors and speed controllers right through to fully working with brushless camera gimbal for the Gopro 3.

Included with the Flamewheel:

  • 1x Frame set.
  • 6x 20amp 420 Lite ESC Speed controllers.
  • 6x 2312 960kva Motors
  • 8x Z-blade 9450 propellers (cw/ccw)

Optional accessories are shown in main picture


  • 5-8 channel 2.4ghx transmitter and receiver. (one of the channels needs to be a three position switch}
  • LiPo battery, 11.1v/14.4v 3350 - 6100mah 3/4s 30c. (if you are using a camera gimbal, we recommend the 6100mah)
  • LiPo Charger.

If fitting a camera gimbal to the bottom you will need optional extended legs. If you purchase a gimbal with your F550 we will include the extended under carriage legs.

Model is supplied as a kit and requires building. You will need a soldering iron, solder and tiewraps. Picture shows assembled model for reference only. Can be supplied assembled on request.


Fast building service from £29.99, Lead time 1-3 days depending on level of completeness.

We can build your Flamewheel for you which would include all the assembly of the frames and control unit, radio system, gimbals, FPV. Basically everything you buy along with your quadcopter frame kit.

The two build options we offer are:

Frame & Flight Controller: We will build the frame which includes all soldering and fitting of connectors (XT60), Fit the flight controller of your choice leaving you the fitting of the radio either your own or supplied by us.

Frame, Flight Controller, Radio and Accessories. So we do the same as above but also fit ther adio supplied by us and any other accessories bought along side such as gimbals, FPV Ground station etc. We fully calibrate and flight test so its ready to go.

The two video`s bellow will help you build and or set up your Flamewheel if you wish to do it yourself.

All our builds are covered by our extended email support hours upto 10.30pm