• DJI E305 2312E Motor (800kv,CW)
  • DJI E305 2312E Motor (800kv,CW)
  • DJI E305 2312E Motor (800kv,CW)


DJI E305 2312E Motor (800kv,CW)


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Built with improved manufacturing techniques, the brand new 2312E motor represents a significant upgrade over the previous 2312 model. 

The optimized electro-magnetic system boosts efficiency by nearly 7% and lowers cogging torque, which provides noticeably smoother performance at low RPMs.
A newly designed motor base not only provides better heat dissipation, but also a more advanced, hi-tech look.


The E305 2312E motor has two types of KV values, recommended settings are shown below:

KV Propellers ESC Recommended Battery Recommended Take-off Weight Maximum Thrust
800 DJI 9450 420LITE 4S LiPo 350~400g/axis 850g/axis
960 DJI 9450 420LITE 3S LiPo 350g/axis 710g/axis


Note: 420S ESC is not compatible with 2312E motor for the moment.


  • Stator Size:23×12 mm
  • KV:800 rpm/V
  • Weight:57 g
  • Recommended Battery: 4S LiPo