• Dynam Smoove (1600mm) Balsa Kit - ARTF
  • Dynam Smoove (1600mm) Balsa Kit - ARTF
  • Dynam Smoove (1600mm) Balsa Kit - ARTF
  • Dynam Smoove (1600mm) Balsa Kit - ARTF


Dynam Smoove (1600mm) Balsa Kit - ARTF


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This beautifully finished 1600mm span aerobatic airplane has been designed for both sports and competition flying. It had a nice and simple interlocking construction from high quality laser cut parts. It comes pre-covered in film with an eye catching design, with all the complicated painting oft the moulded cowl and spats being finished by the factory.

Featuring all balsa and plywood construction (fuselage, wings and tail components) and metal undercariiage legs, the Dynam Smoove is light but extremely strong. It's a great plane that's been very well made and is enjoyable to fly.


  • Wing Span: 1600 mm
  • Total Length: 1660 mm
  • Wing Area: 48.7 DM2
  • Weight: 2400-2500 g
  • Construction: CNC cut Balsa Ribs
  • Finishing: Foil Covered
  • Propeller: 1 x 2-Blade propeller
  • Motor: Dynam G601 5030 KV400

Required to finish: Radio System, ESC (80A Opto), 5 x Servos, 3 x 22.2v (6S) 4500 30C LiPo Battery & Charger