• Great Planes U CAN DO 3D (.46) - ARTF
  • Great Planes U CAN DO 3D (.46) - ARTF

Great Planes

Great Planes U CAN DO 3D (.46) - ARTF

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The U-CAN-DO Models are made for 3-D aerobatic flight. With their enormous agility, they are able to perform manoeuvres which are normally only possible with large and expensive models, so it is no wonder that many pilots fall back on the U-CAN-DO as an inexpensive trainer with which to practice diffi cult 3-D manoeuvres.
Flat spins, power rolls, snakes, rolling loops, and torquing are just a few of the manouvres that can be practiced with the U-CAN-DO.  Powerful motorisation coupled with sturdy landing gear make the U-CAN-DO feel at home on just about any flying field, and take-offs and landings with short grass runways are no problem.


    • Wingspan 1441 mm
    • Wing area 58,3 dm2
    • Weight 2260 - 2551 g
    • Wing loading 39 - 44 g/dm2
    • Length 1486 mm


      • 4-channel R/C system
      • Servos, 6 pieces
      • 5-8 ccm 2-stroke or 8-11 ccm 4-stroke
      • Airscrew