• Hanger 9 Extra 330SC 60E ARF

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Hanger 9 Extra 330SC 60E ARF

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Few aircraft have influenced aerobatic aviation with greater impact than those built by Walter Extra. In the full-scale arena, performance, quality and luxury go hand-in-hand with the aircraft they build. To the RC enthusiast, the Extra platform has proven moreover that there’s nothing more capable in both the precision and 3D realms. Designed after the most modern and highest performance Extra Aircraft variant, the Hangar 9® Extra 330SC 60e is specially designed to deliver performance versatility for which the design is known, but with the unlimited manoeuvrability only possible through model aviation.


The Hangar 9 Extra 330SC 60e ARF is an aerobatic marvel that’s ideal for the experienced aerobatic pilot. Designed by the only International Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) airplane pilot to win three years in a row, Seth Arnold used his experience with the Extra to make a practical aerobat that excels in both precision and 3D manoeuvres. Material choices, structural engineering, airfoil and area optimisation come together in a very lightweight platform to deliver an aerobatic experience hard-ball 3D pilots and precision fanatics can appreciate. When combined with the recommended E-flite® and Spektrum™ accessories, the Extra 330SC 60e is sure to be your choice for aerobatic thrills.

When you go to choose a transmitter, receiver and servos required for a quality airplane like this Hangar 9® Extra 330SC 60e model, consider all the advantages genuine Spektrum™ technology gives you. Not only will you possess a proven radio system at a great price, you’ll get the safety benefits that only ModelMatch™ and SmartSafe™ features can give. In addition, the Bind-N-Fly™ technology built into every Spektrum receiver and transmitter entitles you instant access to an entire fleet of aircraft that can be ready to fly in the time it takes to charge a flight battery. Plus, having a genuine Spektrum transmitter means you can also take advantage of the incredible control innovative AS3X™ flight stabilisation technology offers.

Carbon fibre landing gear and wing tube
Components made from carbon fibre are significantly stronger and have a lighter weight than their metal counterparts and benefit the most in high stress areas such as the landing gear and wing.

Large 3D control surfaces
The laser-cut all wood construction is engineered to provide the lightest wing loading possible so that the oversized ailerons, elevators and rudder can offer incredible 3D manoeuvrability.

Tool-less Field Assembly
The removable Side Force Generators conveniently attach to each wing tip with nylon thumbscrews.


  • Designed by three-time XFC Champion Seth Arnold
  • Excellent precision and 3D performance
  • Engineered around the E-flite Power 60B outrunner and 6S LiPo power
  • Lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood construction
  • Carbon-fibre landing gear and wing tube
  • Large control surfaces with double-beveled hinge lines
  • Two piece, plug-in wings
  • UltraCote™ film matching, fibreglass cowl and wheel spats
  • Large hatch with quick-release latch
  • Removable Side-Force Generators (included)
  • Ball-link connectors and fibreglass control horns
  • Complete, high-quality hardware pack (included)
  • NEEDED TO COMPLETE: 6+ channel transmitter and receiver, (2) mini- and (2) standard-size servos, 60-size brushless outrunner motor, Brushless Speed Control, 6S 22.2V LiPo flight battery, Flight battery charger, Propeller, Spinner


  • 60-size electric outrunner (required)
  • Outdoor, club field
  • 162 cm (63.7 inch)
  • 6+ channel (recommended)
  • 17-inch (recommended)
  • 4400–5000mAh 22.2V 6S LiPo (required)
  • 80-amp speed control with a switch-mode BEC (required)
  • 23% Scale
  • (4) high-performance digital with metal gears (recommended)
  • 3.5–3.9 kg (7.75–8.60 lbs)
  • 166 cm (65.5 inch)