• Maxford USA 1/6 Bristol Fighter F2B 70" Glow/EP ARTF

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Maxford USA 1/6 Bristol Fighter F2B 70" Glow/EP ARTF

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TheF.2B 'Bristol Fighter' was a British World War I fighter and reconnaissance biplane designed in 1916 by Frank Barnwell. Although a two-seater, the F.2B proved fast and maneuverable enough to be flown in combat like a single-seat fighter and it more than held its own against the opposing single-seat German fighters.

The pilot's fixed forward-firing .303 inch Vickers machine gun was the F.2B's principal weapon; the observer's flexible .303 inch Lewis Gun provided an additional "sting in the tail" while the pilot went after the target. The F.2B could also carry up to 240 pounds of bombs.

The most successful F.2B pilot was Canadian Andrew Edward McKeever, who won all 30 of his victories in this aircraft.

After the war, many surplus F.2Bs were modified for civilian use. Some were fitted with a canopy to cover one or two passenger seats in the rear cockpit and renamed the 'Bristol Tourer,' which had a maximum speed of 128mph.

With a 70-inch wingspan, this RC version is approximately 1/6 scale and is designed to use an electric or glow-power system. It is constructed mainly of laser-cut balsa and light ply and is finished with a Mylar film covering. To enhance its true-to-scale appearance, this model includes an articulated tail skid and the rudder and elevators are operated by stranded wire control cables.

We invite you to enjoy the pride of ownership and the joy of flying this beautiful ARF sport-scale model of the famous F.2B Bristol Fighter.


  • Wings are easy to remove for transportation
  • Ailerons on both top and bottom wings
  • Scale fiberglass cowl
  • Nose-mounted battery hatch
  • Side mount elevator servos for great control and scale look
  • Stick-on decal set
  • Optional detail upgrade scale parts
  • ARF supplied with Electric Motor box, Glow motor box available separately.


                          • Wingspan: 70in (1778mm)
                          • Fuselage Length: 49in (1245mm)
                          • ARF Weight: Approx 7lbs (3.18Kg)
                          • Engine Required: Glow .90 ~ 1.20, or equivalent electric motor power system
                          • Radio Required: 4-Channel, 7 -8 Standard servos.