• Maxford USA Curtiss Pusher EP 50" Wingspan ARTF

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Maxford USA Curtiss Pusher EP 50" Wingspan ARTF


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The 1911 Curtiss Pusher (or frequently, "Curtiss Model D") was an early United States pusher aircraft with the engine and propeller behind the pilot's seat. It was among the very first aircraft in the world to be built in any quantity.

It was also the aircraft type which made the first takeoff from the deck of a ship (flown by Eugene B. Ely off the deck of the USS Birmingham on November 14th, 1910 near Hampton Roads, Virginia) and made the first landing aboard a ship (the USS Pennsylvania) on January 18, 1911 near San Francisco, California.

Early examples were built in a canard configuration, with elevators mounted on struts at the front of the aircraft in addition to a horizontal stabilizer at the rear. Later, the elevators were incorporated into the tail unit, and the canard surface arrangement dispensed with, resulting in what became called the Curtiss "Headless" Pushers. Our RC Curtiss Pusher is the "Headed" version about 1/9 scale and is about 1/9 scale, all made of wood and composite parts.


  • Unique model of this historic pre-World War I aircraft.
  • Functional front and rear elevators.
  • Articulated pilot's control stick.
  • Scale-looking functional ailerons.
  • Tricycle landing gear.
  • Constructed mainly of jig-assembled, laser-cut balsa and light plywood, with composite wing rods, struts and airframe components.
  • Precovered scale-looking wings with cream color on top and semi-transparent on the bottom.
  • Adjustable-depth motor-mounting box, able to accept a wide range of power system options.
  • Outer wing panels are removable for easy transport and storage.
  • Black string, swivels and springs are supplied to simulate wing wires and tail-boom bracing.
  • Replacement parts and optional detail-upgrade items are available.


                                          • Wingspan: 50in (1270mm)
                                          • Overall Length: 48.5in (1232mm)
                                          • Wing Area: 788 sq in
                                          • Flying weight: around 5.5 - 6lbs (2.27 - 2.72 Kg)
                                          • Motor Required: Min. 400W brushless motor
                                          • Radio Required: Minimum 4 Channel & 5 Mini Servos
                                          • Prop Size: 10 x 6 to 11 x 7 or as recommended by your power system's maker