• Maxford USA Greensleeves RC Glider ARTF V2

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Maxford USA Greensleeves RC Glider ARTF V2


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The Maxford USA Greensleeves V2 is a classic 4-channel or 5-channel radio-controlled almost-ready-to fly electric-powered sports-aerobatic glider! This model includes ailerons, rudder, elevator and throttle controls plus flaps (the flaps may also be setup as spoilers).With its smoothly contoured spinner, folding propeller, rugged fuselage and built-up Mylar covered removable 2-piece wing, it is rugged enough for use as a trainer or to be enjoyed as an everyday flyer and it is large enough to gracefully deal with most of the effects of wind or turbulence.


  • One-piece fuselage (able to survive hard landings better than fiberglass - it will scratch, but it is not easily broken).
  • Flaps/Spoilers (require 2 additional servos and a 5th channel in your radio).
  • Semi-symmetric airfoil for long glides and easy aerobatics.
  • Canopy is secured by 2 sets of strong magnets.
  • Easy to disassemble for transportation and storage, and easy to reassemble at the field.


                                    • Wingspan: 79in (2000mm)
                                    • Fuselage Length: 40in (1016mm)
                                    • Wing Area: 546 sq.in (35.2dm2)
                                    • Folding Prop: 10in x 8in (Included)
                                    • Radio Required: 4-5 Channels/4-6 Servos
                                    • C of G: 2 5/8in from leading edge