• Maxford USA Hornet RC T-Tail Glider ARTF V2

Maxford USA

Maxford USA Hornet RC T-Tail Glider ARTF V2


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The Maxford USA Hornet T-Tail is a classic 3-channel radio-controlled almost-ready-to fly electric-powered sports-aerobatic glider! This model includes rudder, elevator and throttle controls.With its smoothly contoured spinner, folding propeller, rugged fuselage and built-up Mylar covered removable 3-piece wing, it is rugged enough for use as a trainer or to be enjoyed as an everyday flyer and it is large enough to gracefully deal with most of the effects of wind or turbulence.


  • One-piece fuselage (able to survive hard landings better than fiberglass - it will scratch, but it is not easily broken).
  • Classic balsa-wood rib and hardwood spar wing and tail-surface construction.
  • Semi-symmetric airfoil for long glides and easy rudder-and-elevator aerobatics.
  • Easy to disassemble for transportation and storage, and easy to reassemble at the field.


                                      • Wingspan: 79in (2000mm)
                                      • Fuselage Length: 40in (1016mm)
                                      • Wing Area: 546 sq.in (35.2dm2)
                                      • Folding Prop: 10in x 8in (Included)
                                      • Radio Required: 3 Channels/2 Servos
                                      • C of G: 2 5/8in from leading edge