• Maxford USA Rumpler Taube 64" Wingspan EP ARTF

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Maxford USA Rumpler Taube 64" Wingspan EP ARTF


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The Taube was designed in 1909 by Igo Etrich of Austria-Hungary, and first flew in 1910. It was licensed for serial production by Lohner- Werke in Austria and by Edmund Rumpler in Germany. Like many contemporary aircraft, especially monoplanes, the Taube used wing warping rather than ailerons for roll control, and also warped the rear half of the stabilizer for use as an elevator control surface's function. Only the vertical, twinned triangular rudder surfaces were usually hinged.

Rumpler Taube was the first military aeroplane to be mass-produced in Germany. It was very popular prior to the First World War, and it was also used by the air forces of Italy and Austria-Hungary. On November 1, 1911, Giulio Gavotti, an Italian aviator, dropped the world's first aerial bomb from his Taube monoplane over the Ain Zara oasis in Libya.

Maxford USA radio controled Rumpler Taube is about 1/9 scale. It takes about 5 years from design and developing to production. It comes with full functioning of wing and elevator warping feature as well as shock absorbing landing gear. It is the first and only wing warping airplane in the RC hobby industry. It is design for electric for better scale looking, but also can be convert to glow with our glow conversion kit.


  • Unique design and true to scale appreance
  • Full function of wing and elevator warping, control wires are pre-installed at factory, this makes the complicated control system very easy to assemble
  • ARF comes shock absorbing landing gear
  • Scale tail skid
  • Magnatic front and rear canopy for easy access to battery and electronics.
  • True to scale rear seat pilot stick will move with elevator
  • Optional WWI pilot with installation kit, Vintage Spoked Wheels and dummy engine.
  • Optional glow conversion kit


                                              • Wingspan: 64in (1625mm)
                                              • Overall Length: 46in (1168mm)
                                              • Wing Area: 653 sq in
                                              • Flying weight: around 5lbs (2.27Kg)