• Multiplex Kit Easyglider Pro 214226


Multiplex Kit Easyglider Pro 214226

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The logical development&mdashfor directdrive brushless motor

The EasyGlider PRO is based on the popular and proven Easy-Glider and EasyGlider electric.
The EasyGlider PRO is designed for brushless outrunner motors and LiPo batteries, and a matching power set is available under # 33 2636 or - if you want a little more oomph - the upgrade power set # 33 2642. However, the model can also be built as a pure glider: the kit includes a fuselage nose-cone in which our aero-tow mechanism # 72 3470 can be installed.
The models flying characteristics are just right for the beginner, although this by no means implies that the more advanced pilot wont enjoy it - quite the contrary. If you are an expert you will soon discover that the EasyGlider PRO behaves like a much bigger model, and its performance is also far better than you might expect.

Kit contents: Moulded ELAPOR® parts, GRP spar, all plastic parts required to assemble the model, small items, linkage components, decal sheet, comprehensive, richly illustrated instructions.

  • Low sink rate
  • Can be ballasted to expand the airspeed range
  • Landing aid - both ailerons raised
  • Can be fi nished using any standard spray-can paints after prior treatment with MULTIprimer # 60 2700
  • Pre-fabricated moulded ELAPOR® parts
  • Convenient method of aileron servo connection when the wings are fitted


      • Based on the popular and proven EasyGlider.
      • Designed for brushless outrunner motors.
      • Behaves like a much bigger model.
      • Pre-fabricated moulded ELAPOR parts.
      • Can be built as a pure glider.
      • Very robust thanks to ELAPOR construction.
      • Easy to transport with removable and separate wing panels.
      • Simple connection of the aileron servos in the wing assembly.
      • Ample room of various battery options.
      • Landing aid - both ailerons raised.
      • includes a fuselage nose-cone in which our aero-tow mechanism
      • Good-natured robust entry-level model.


            Wingspan: 1800 mm
            Overall length: 1130 mm
            All-up weight, glider version: approx. 800 g
            All-up weight, electric version: approx. 900 - 980 g
            Total surface area: 41.6 dm_
            Wing loading: 17 g/dm_
            Wing loading with ballast, max. 350 g: approx. 25 g/dm_ (e.g. for slope-soaring or flying in wind)
            RC functions: Rudder, elevator, aileron (2 servos), Landing aid (both ailerons raised)


            • 1 x EasyGlider Pro powerset (25332636)
            • 2 x Tiny-S servos (2565121)
            • 2 x Nano-S servos (2565120)
            • 1 x 5-channel receiver