• Multiplex Kit Extra 330SC 214274


Multiplex Kit Extra 330SC 214274

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What do you get if you mix F3P World Champion Gernot Bruckmann with the internationally successful Extra Aircraft Company and the talents of the Mirco Pecorari design studio? Answer: An aerobatic model aircraft that’s been tailor-made for pilots who know what they want, know how to fly, and desire the very best 3D performance that it’s possible to get from a stunning out-and-out pattern and freestyle aerobat. That model is the Extra 330SC and if you add Multiplex’ world-class design and manufacturing experience to the heady mix of talent, the package is further enhanced by a powerful and extremely solid Elapor airframe that sets new standards in the 1.2m class. It’s versatile too, and with exceptional longitudinal stability, very precise, conventional, F3A-style aerobatics are a joy to perform. This, then, is a model you’ll instantly fall in love with and one whose secrets will make you look so good, youll be reluctant to share them.


            • Fast 6-hour build time.
            • Designed by Gernot Bruckmann.
            • Rigid M-Frame fuselage construction.
            • Stiff carbon tube wing spar and coiled CFRP joiner.
            • Two piece plug-in wing panels for easy transport and storage.
            • Removeable canopy hatch for convenient battery access.
            • Airframe moulded in robust ELAPOR foam.
            • Tough carbon fibre undercarriage.
            • Suits a 3S 2600mAh LiPo.
            • Pilot figure and instrument panel.


                        • Wingspan (mm): 1150
                        • Length (mm): 1200
                        • Total surface area (sq. dm): 38
                        • Weight (g): 1350

                          NEEDED TO COMPLETE:

                          • 1 x 5-channel (minimum) transmitter and receiver combo.
                          • 4 x Hitec HS-82MG servos.
                          • 1 x 3S 2600mAh LiPo battery.
                          • 1 x Suitable 3S LiPo compatible charger.
                          • 1 x Permax BL-O 3520-0920 brushless motor.
                          • 1 x MULTIcont BL-55 S-BEC ESC.
                          • 1 x 14 x 7 APC-E propeller