• Multiplex Kit Tucan 214284


Multiplex Kit Tucan 214284

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A great newcomer!

A sleek low-wing model with detailed cockpit, clear canopy, stylish decal sheet and strong undercarriage. The TUCAN makes a great trainer or team flyer, and provides any amount of flying fun.

Sound, carefully considered design has produced a machine with a superb performance combined with good-natured handling.

This ELAPOR® model offers an outstanding set of new and sophisticated detail features which set entirely new standards in its class.

V max. = 165 km/hr

  • Docile low-wing aircraft with aerobatic capabilities
  • Fuselage incorporates M-Frame technology for extreme strength
  • Clear canopy with highly detailed cockpit
  • Can be fitted with optional retract system
  • Range of optional well-matched power sets available.


            • 1x Moulded ELAPOR Components for Fuselage
            • 1x wing and tail panels
            • 1x Cockpit
            • 1x Spinner
            • 1x Laser-Cut Plywood Fuselage Parts
            • 1x Vacuum-Moulded Canopy in Clear Tinted Plastic
            • 1x Moulded Plastic Components
            • 1x Pre-formed Wire Parts for Fixed Tricycle Undercarriage
            • 1x Tubular CFRP Wing Spars
            • 3x Air-Wheels
            • 1x 5 mm Propeller Driver
            • 1x Pre-cut Decal Sheet
            • 1x Comprehensive instructions


                          • Wingspan: 1300 mm
                          • Overall lengh: 1110 mm
                          • All-up weight: 1850 g
                          • wing area: 32 dm_
                          • wing load: 58g/dm_
                          • channels required: 5
                          • RC Functions: Rudder, elevator, ailerons,throttle, controlable nose gear, optional retractable landing gear
                          • construction period: Appr. 6 h
                          • Topspeed: about 130 Km/h with standard drive set / 165 Km/h with tuning drive set
                          • time of flight: ca. 8-10 min