• Overlander 2300mah 9.6v TX Flat Pack NiMH Battery


Overlander 2300mah 9.6v TX Flat Pack NiMH Battery


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 Overlander 2300mah 9.6v Receiver Flat Pack NiMH Battery


Nimh Battery Pack LSD AA 2300mah 9.6v Futaba TX Flat Premium Sport Premium Sport 2300 9.6v Flat TX Premium Sport Pack Assembled to Overlanders high standards using Premium quality Overlander cells, soft silicone leads and plugs with gold plated pins. Overlander is dedicated to the application of advanced technology in battery production, for supreme quality and performance. Overlanders branded cells are focussed on High capacity and/or High-drain performance for Radio Control applications. All Overlander receiver packs are assembled using:- • Pure nickel tabs • Capacitor discharge welding • Kapton, Nomex or TMK insulating tapes • Soft silicone 0.05 multi strand wire leads • Gold plated plug pins for perfect contact Overlander "Setting Battery Standards...Others Follow" Guidelines on handling Overlander NiMH cells & packs: • Charge the battery with quality charger, (Overlander RC-6S or RC-Pro8S and max. Current 1C) • If you plan to store the battery or leave idle for more than 2 weeks, charge it for 1/3 capacity, or say, 1A for 20 minutes AA cells, 3A for 20