• S550 Multirotor Hexicopter Frame with Retracts

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S550 Multirotor Hexicopter Frame with Retracts


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HMF S550 PCB Hexacopter FPV Aircraft Frame w/HML650 Electronic Retractable Landing Gear Combo

S550 Features:
- Adopts S800 upward tilt arm design
- Plastic injection molding, ensures hardness and lighter weight
- Soldered center plate, easy to install electronic devices.
- Brushless gimbal compatible for FPV(Not included)

S550 Specifications:
- Wheelbase: 528mm
- Weight: 550g/720g(without/with gimbal)
- Motor suggest: 2212 KV980, 2216 KV880 KV900, 3108 KV720 KV900
- Prop suggest: 8038 9047 1038 1045 1047
- Battery suggest: 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh

HML650 Feature:

- Weight: 224g
- Maximum load:4KG
- Power support: DC 3S-6S 12V-22V
- Suitable for Quadcopter\Hexacopter\Octocopter ,Wheelbase less than 700mm

Package Included:
- HMF S550 Hexacopter Frame w/HML650 Retractable Landing Gear