• Sigma EQ Eco II AC/DC Charger(80W)
  • Sigma EQ Eco II AC/DC Charger(80W)
  • Sigma EQ Eco II AC/DC Charger(80W)


Sigma EQ Eco II AC/DC Charger(80W)

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The Sigma EQ Eco II is a full refresh and upgrade from the original Sigma EQ Eco.  Not only has the case been changed to the new generation Sigma EQ style, a whole raft of upgrades have also been added as part of the constant program of offering more in every charger we develop.  Like its Sigma EQ Touch II Sibling, the Eco II is 80W charge capable, but now has the ability to use up to 10A charging within that 80W limit.  Particularly useful for high capacity, low cell count packs used in cars where a high C charge rate is possible

The new range of features are extensive and detailed but include:

  • Dual Language (English/German)
  • Battery Capacity Checker
  • Battery Balance (Lithium)
  • Battery Cell Meter (Lithium)
  • Battery Internal Resistance (IR) Checker
  • Digital Power Supply Output
  • Brushed Motor Power Source for Break In
  • ESC and Servo Checkers
  • USB Output (for phone charging or to power the Hex charger)
  • Thrust Calculator
  • Foam Cutter Power Source


    • Input Voltage: 11-18.0V DC (100-240 AC (50-60Hz))
    • Circuit Power:  80W
    • Charge Current:  0.1 - 10A
    • Dischare Current: 0.2 - 2.0A
    • NiMH/NiCAD:  1-16 Cells
    • LiPo/LiFe/Li-HV:  1-6 Cells
    • Pb:  2-20W
    • Dimensions:  180x145x57mm
    • Weight:  590g