• Top Gun Park Flight Graduate - RTF
  • Top Gun Park Flight Graduate - RTF

Top Gun

Top Gun Park Flight Graduate - RTF

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The latest 'multipurpose' trainer from Top Gun Park Flite is based around a durable fuselage and tricycle undercarriage coupled to an efficient electric power train; it's destined to become a modern classic.

95% Pre-assembled, so its quick and simple and only requires 2 tools (which are also included) Best of all, no tools are required to fit or remove wings and tail, making this a very easy model to set up and maintain at the flying field.

The Graduate comes with 2 sets of wings; the training set excel in stability and predictability whilst the sports wings impart a much more exciting flight character and are ideal once the pilot is looking to advance to the next stage of flight training.


  • Tricycle undercarriage with steering nose wheel
  • Quick release Sports wing - responsive for intermediate pilots
  • Quick release Training wing - stable for beginner pilots
  • 'No Tool Required' Horizontal / vertical tail assembly and main undercarriage.
  • Large battery compartment
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Simple and reliable construction


  • Wingspan - Trainer wing 1280mm, Sports wing 1200mm
  • Length - 942mm
  • Weight - 1152g
  • Motor - 750kv Brushless
  • ESC - 30 Amp
  • Servo - 9g x 4
  • Battery - 2200mAh 3S LiPo
  • Radio - 2.4Ghz Proportional 4 Channel