• Extended landing legs for DJI F450 & F550
  • USM-200 Landing Gear for DJI F450 & F550 Multirotor
  • USM-200 Landing Gear for DJI F450 & F550 Multirotor
  • USM-200 Landing Gear for DJI F450 & F550 Multirotor


USM-200 Landing Gear for DJI F450 & F550 Multirotor


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USM’s sturdy landing gear with built-in camera gimbal positioning rails enables a camera to be mounted easily to DJI multicopter frames and other similar designs. The solid and robust design, great features and low weight make this landing gear fantastic value.

 Installing the USM landing gear to the bottom plate of an F550 is quick and easy. The mounting holes matched to the F550. To mount the landing gear onto an F450 frame is very easy with no modification of the frame or the bottom plate.

  The main frame assembly is made from a combination of materials, each carefully selected to provide strength and rigidity where they are most needed. The legs are available in black or white G10 fibreglass and are securely held together with threaded alloy columns. The frame and camera mounting bracket is made from 5052-H32 lightweight medium strength alloy, and the 250mm long 10 mm diameter landing skids are made from lightweight and very strong carbon fibre tube.  

The USM landing gear incorporates a pair of 400mm long, 10mm diameter carbon fibre rails spaced 60mm apart. This arrangement can accommodate many popular camera gimbals. Nobody wants to see propellers in their video footage, so our long 400mm rails keep your gimbal far forward enough to avoid this problem. If you would like even longer rails please contact us, we can supply up to 600mm long rails to special order.

Another great feature is the freely sliding rail-mounted battery tray, which accommodates a flight battery weighing up to 800g. The battery tray can be moved to any point on the rails to counterbalance the weight of the camera gimbal. A second optional tray can be mounted to allow for installation of a larger battery. A third thread located on the middle of the horizontal aluminium column allows placement of a secondary battery plate on each side of the legs. These plates could be used for batteries, an FPV video transmitter or any other hardware you wish to attach. The position of the rails is also thoughtfully designed because it is low enough for a radio or video transmitter to be located between the rail tubes and bottom centre plate.

Spare parts are readily available. If the landing gear is damaged in a crash you don’t need to replace the whole assembly, just the components that are broken. This not only saves on waste but it is also much kinder to your bank balance!

For more information please visit: http://usmr.co.uk/

Package include:

  • Landing gear G10 frame 
  • Aluminium columns
  • Aluminium L brackets
  • Carbon fiber landing skid
  • Carbon fiber rail
  • Camera positioning kit
  • Battery positioning kit
  • all hardware for assembly and to attach the gear to the frame

Please note, landing skid sponge is not included in the kit,


  • Rails and skids: 10mm outside diameter, 8mm inside diameter carbon fibre
  • Frame: 1.5mm G10 fibreglass
  • Alloy columns: Aircraft grade 6061-T6 tempered aluminium alloy
  • Brackets: 5052-H32 Medium strength Aluminium
Weight 290 Grams
Height 190 mm
Width 240 mm
Landing skid 250 x 10 mm
Rail tube 400 x 10 mm
Distance between rails (centre to centre) 60 mm
Maximum recommended load capacity 4 Kg