• Vitalbond Super glue - Superfast 50g Bottle


Vitalbond Super glue - Superfast 50g Bottle


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Vitalbond Cyanoacrylate is available in 6 grades.  Industrial quality superglue from the UK's largest producer.  Surface insensitive grades for bonding all materials in common use.. instantly! Available in four different viscosities:  Superfast & Thin for closely fitting parts.  Bonds instantly with excellent wicking ability.  Superfast bonds in 4 seconds, thin in 10 seconds.Medium for general purpose bonding.  Fills gaps up to 15mm Bonds in 20 seconds.  Thick for bonding porous materials, where gap filling is required.  Slower cure speeds allows repositioning.  Bonds in 45 seconds.  Plastics and rubber bonder for hard to bond plastics and rubber.  Great for gluing model car tyres.  Odourless For those sensitive to superglue vapour, safe on foamVitalbond Cyanoacrylate cures in seconds.  Gives high strength bonds to rubber, plastics, metal, balsa wood, leather, ceramics, stone, glass and paper.No mixing, heat required or clamping required.