• West Wings Merlin Glider Balsa Kit
  • West Wings Merlin Glider Balsa Kit
  • West Wings Merlin Glider Balsa Kit

West Wings

West Wings Merlin Glider Balsa Kit


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It's easy to see why the Merlin is our best selling kit. Not only does the model have stunning good looks, but also the kind of performance that you would expect from a purpose designed, sports duration glider.

To get the best performance, we have chosen the best wing section possible to ensure that every owner achieves the kind of success that gets them ‘hooked’ into the fabulous world of modelling! The Merlin has become the standard model that schools use to teach the principles of flight. The combination of sheet and built-up construction is ideal for understanding the needs and techniques of weight saving aligned to those of high performance.

Whether launched by hand or from a towline/bungee, the Merlin is stable and rewarding and offers good strength in the battle against ‘terra firma’!
As a first model, there's no better choice than a West Wings Merlin.

  • Balsa wood
  • Covering material


  • Balsa cement
  • Craft knife
  • Model pins
  • Shrinking dope (for sealing tissue covering)
  • Brush for applying dope

You can Add the Balsa Builders Package Here.