• Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

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Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

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The set contains 25 completely new plastic miniatures: one mighty Abhorrant Gorewarden as general, his trusty Varghulf Courtier, three lightning-fast Morbheg Knights, and 20 obdurate Cryptguard.

You’ll also find an exclusive launch edition of the new 88-page Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts, plus 27 warscroll cards, 30 tokens, and 33 enhancement cards, all of which are only available in this set (though the battletome will be released separately in a different format). In short, it’s everything a general needs to set out on a Crimson Crusade in Ushoran’s name. This set is available while stocks last.

Flesh-eater Courts are a delusional and cannibalistic army of undead who believe themselves to be noble knights and courtiers of a glorious kingdom known as the Court of Delusion. In reality, they are cursed and deranged remnants of the once-noble kingdom, driven by their delusions to seek out "courtly" feasts, which actually involve consuming the flesh of their enemies.