• Horus Heresy: MkVI Assault Marines

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Horus Heresy: MkVI Assault Marines

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This is a box of 10 plastic Assault Marines for deployment in your Horus Heresy games. You get enough components to arm your squad with chainswords and either bolt pistols or combat shields, plus a range of accessories, and a Sergeant with extra weapons options and two heads. The kit is entirely compatible with all MKVI upgrade sets, including Legion-specific accessories.

The Horus Heresy is a pivotal event in the lore of Warhammer 40,000, depicting a galaxy-wide civil war that occurred 10,000 years before the current setting of the game. During this time, the MkVI Power Armour, also known as the "Corvus Armour," was developed and utilized by the Space Marines.

MkVI Assault Marines were a specialized unit within the Space Marine Legions during the Horus Heresy. They were equipped with jump packs and specialized close combat weaponry, allowing them to rapidly deploy into battle and engage enemy forces in melee combat.

The MkVI Assault Marines were known for their lightning-fast strikes, capable of swiftly descending upon the enemy from the skies, using their jump packs to maneuver quickly across the battlefield and engage in close-quarters combat. Their primary role was to disrupt enemy formations, assault key targets, and exploit weaknesses in the enemy lines.

This iteration of Power Armour featured advancements over earlier versions, providing enhanced mobility and protection while maintaining the iconic aesthetics of Space Marine armor. The Assault Marines played a crucial role in the brutal conflicts of the Horus Heresy, utilizing their speed and combat prowess to turn the tide of battles in favor of their respective legions.

In the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000, players can field Assault Marines equipped with jump packs, close combat weapons like chainswords and power weapons, allowing them to swiftly maneuver around the battlefield and engage enemy units in melee combat. These units are often seen as highly mobile and aggressive forces, capable of striking deep into enemy lines to disrupt their strategies.