• Legiones Astartes: Mkiii Command Squad

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Legiones Astartes: Mkiii Command Squad

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Praetors and Centurions from the Legiones Astartes often surround themselves with a Command Squad of trusted Chosen veterans, who carry the Legion’s colours and defend their leader as the enemy closes in. Two new Command Squad boxes add squads of five Chosen in either MKVI or MKIII power armour. Each is armed with power swords and combat shields, while one hoists a large and detailed Legion banner with your choice of Loyalist or Traitor iconography.

If you already have the MKVI and MKIII Tactical Marine bodies handy and just need the upgrades to turn them into a Command Squad of your own, the Legion Command Upgrade Set has all of the new pieces contained in the other boxes, including crested helmets, artificer pauldrons, and a variety of other accessories.