FPV Goggles, Screens & Transmitters

Shooting your videos and pictures blind is a very hit and miss affair.  A good video streaming system is essential in making sure your framing the ultimate shot. The are two main types of ways to view you stream from your quadcopter, monitor or goggles.  Both have pros and cons. Monitors allow you to keep an eye on the rig while flying so your more aware of the quads surroundings when your flying side ways during panning shots and less likely to fly into obstacles.  Sunlight can be an issue for screens but this can be kept to a minimum with sunshades. Goggles give the most immersive experience in FPV flying, you really feel you are in the pilot seat flying along and sunlight is no problem.  There is less peripheral vision with goggles so it is a good idea to have a spotter along with you to keep an eye your multirotors surroundings while your flying.  Both systems will give your aerial flying experience a whole new aspect.