• Necromunda: Ruins Of Jardlan

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Necromunda: Ruins Of Jardlan

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The concluding volume of the Aranthian Succession is unmissable for every Necromunda fan; it has 45 pages of incredible background lore developing the setting-changing storyline, and introducing new characters such as Asun’ghar – also known as the Lady of Ash – Orrin Grimjarl, the Last Charter Lord of Jardlan, and his brother Urson Grimjarl, the Jardlan Nomad Hunter, as well as Silberlant Sevos, the Infotek.

Then there’s part three of the Succession campaign, entitled “the Fall of Helmawr”, which follows the forces of Ozostium and the Prophet of Redemption as they hound Lady Haera and her loyal Enforcers. Gangs battle for the control of key waypoints throughout the ash wastes to ambush the fleeing Helmawr, or aid her escape. On top of that there are additional rules for Van Saar, Enforcers, and Ironhead Squat Prospectors, including new vehicles for each.