Speed Freeks

In the wastelands of Vigilus, a new kind of Waaagh! rages. Engines roar, cannons boom and green-skinned warriors laugh as they outmanoeuvre (or blow up) their rivals in fast-paced races through the desert dunes and scrap-towns. If the Orks are a force of nature, then the Speedwaaagh!, much like a conventional Waaagh!, can be likened to a natural disaster that fell upon the world of Vigilus – literally. When the Great Rift first ripped itself across the sky, it spat out an armada of ramshackle Ork craft that blasted through the cordon around the Imperial world and crash-landed in the desert wastes between Vigilus’ hivesprawls. The surviving ships were quickly cannibalised by enterprising Meks and scrap cities rose around them, from which issued hordes of cobbled-together vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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