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Gamemat.eu 28mm Necropolis Set for Warhammer


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1 set contains total 18 pieces: 8 large scenery pieces and 10 small scatter pieces.

Battle mat not included.

INecropolis. Comes pre-painted. Resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box.

Painted and assembled scenery made of resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box. This wargaming scenery features:

- 2x Large L-shaped Hab-Block. Measures: Lenght A: 28cm (11 inches) Lenght B: 20cm (8 inches) height: 10cm ( inches)

- 2x Tech-Shaft. Measures: lenght 28cm (11 inches) width 7cm (3 inches) height 4cm ( 2 inches)

- 4x Tech-Pillar. Measures: lenght 6cm (2.5 inches) width 3cm (1 inch) height 11cm ( 4 inches)

- 2x Experimental Tank. Measures: lenght 7cm (3 inches) width 3cm (1 inch) height 12cm ( 5 inches)

- 4x Doors: to fit in Hab-Block door area 

- 4x Barricade: to fit as corner railing on Hab-Block platforms or can be used as separate barricades

Narrative story by Matous Hlousek and Alexander Simon

Project Necropolis, a black site project long abandoned and better off forgotten. Unspoken of for decades, it was yet another instance of mankind’s reach exceeding its grasp as Imperial scientists tampered with the very foundations of the universe in an attempt to create planetary warp gates. 

They succeeded.

Claw marks scarred into the plasteel walls of the abandoned hab-blocks and twisting, labyrinthine service tunnels tell a story of brief, violent struggle.  Half-finished experiments still writhe in containment caskets abandoned in the streets, and the grav-trains still trundle along their lonely routes, carrying nothing but angry ghosts and grim reminders of the costs when mankind plays at godhood.

This lonely testament to the price of success threatens to divulge its secrets to the galaxy as a distress beacon is activated, and it is only a matter of time before curiosity brings traders and treasure seekers down to the surface.  In a desperate bid to keep Necropolis and its secrets buried, kill teams are dispatched to terminate the signal, and retrieve the data ark at the heart of the facility.

But there are things stirring in the dark, and not all that is buried is truly dead.

      Gaming Mat NOT INCLUDED.