• Adeptus Titanicus: Knight Stratagem Cards

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Adeptus Titanicus: Knight Stratagem Cards


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Throughout the Horus Heresy, banners of brave Imperial Knights fought in the shadows of the Adeptus Titanicus' god-machines – but they also went to war alone. In many battles, armies of Knights marched against their own kind and even enemy Titan Legions, using innovative tactics to outwit their larger opponents and claim victory.

This set of cards allows you to easily reference the Knight Stratagems found in Adeptus Titanicus: Doom of Molech. Each card includes the Stratagem's name, cost and rules – in short, everything you need to quickly use your Stratagems in the heat of battle. Eight of the cards are for Stratagems specific to particular Knight Houses, allowing you to customise your tactics based on your chosen allegiance.

In this set, you'll find 26 cards:

– 12 Tricks and Tactics
– 6 Battlefield Assets
– 8 House Stratagems