• Adeptus Titanicus Loyalist Legio Stratagem Cards

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Adeptus Titanicus Loyalist Legio Stratagem Cards


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As the Horus Heresy unfolded, the Titan Legions loyal to the Imperium and the traitor Warmaster diverged greatly in their tactics. Each Legion developed their own individual fighting styles, relying on different resources and strategies to achieve victory over their foes.

This set of 26 cards allows you to expand your tactical options in your games of Adeptus Titanicus, with new Tricks & Tactics, Ranged Support, Tertiary Objectives and a Battlefield Asset. Ten of these cards are usable by any Titan Legions, seven are only for Loyalist Legions, and nine are specific to particular Legions – these includes the Legio Astorum, Legio Defensor, Legio Atarus, Legio Solaria and Legio Fortidus.

This set contains 26 Stratagem cards:

- 9 x Loyalist Legio-specific Stratagem cards (2 for Legio Astorum, 2 for Legio Defensor, 2 for Legio Atarus, 1 for Legio Solaria, 2 for Legio Fortidus).
- 10 x Stratagem cards and 7 Loyalist Stratagem cards (9 Tricks & Tactics, 3 Ranged Support, 4 Tertiary Objectives and 1 Battlefield Asset)