• Adeptus Titanicus Traitor Titans of Legend

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Adeptus Titanicus Traitor Titans of Legend


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Expanding and adding to your games of Adeptus Titanicus is easy – simply pick up new Titans, and slot them into your maniples! But you’ll need Command Terminals for each, and that’s where this pack comes in. With this set, you can add five legendary Titans from the Horus Heresy to your games. Each of these mighty god-machines is a powerful ally for your Traitor forces, capable of turning the tide of battle.

This set contains five Command Terminals, two for Warlord Titans, one for a Reaver and two for Warhounds, covering the following five Titans of Legend:

– Hammer of Tyrants
– Penumbral Reaper
– Vestiti Ferrus
– Mantellum Fulmen
– Iben Faruk