• Aeronautica Imperialis Vanaheim Area of Engagement

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Aeronautica Imperialis Vanaheim Area of Engagement


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Re-enact the Fall of Vanaheim, a crucial Forge World fought over by Loyalist and Traitor forces alike in the Horus Heresy, with these double-sided, fold-out hexed gaming boards for games of Aeronautica Imperialis.

Each board depicts the dense industrial complex of Vanaheim's orbital hives on one side, while the other shows the frozen canyons of the Manufactorum Beta-X15A, deep enough to swallow any fallen aircraft - two key warzones in the battles for Vanaheim detailed in the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - Aeronautica Imperialis Rulebook. These boards each provide a rectangular gaming area of 19 hexes by 9 hexes, and can be combined to create a wide, square Area of Engagement, or an elongated Rolling Area of Engagement for aircraft to race above the terrain of Vanaheim.

These boards are 1.5mm thick, made of durable card with reinforced folds to ensure excellent condition even after frequent use. Each board measures 909mm x 470mm (or roughly 3' x 1.5'), and can be folded into sixths for easy storage. Miniatures shown on the box are for illustration purposes only - no miniatures are included in this pack.