• Age Of Sigmar: Core Book (english)

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Age Of Sigmar: Core Book (english)

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This 288-page hardback book is your ultimate companion to the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It is a treasure trove of background information, presented through a variety of lenses, including boots-on-the-ground explanations from several point-of-view characters. It’s the best introduction to the Mortal Realms yet.

It contains an awe-inspiring gatefold cosmology of the eight realms, many pages of gorgeous art and miniatures photography and summaries of every faction. The Core Book also includes the Core Rules, the Advanced Rules, Battlepack: First Blood for Matched Play, complete with three battleplans, and the narrative Battlepack: Ascension for Path to Glory. This includes four upgrade paths for your heroes, two for your units, and six battleplans.