• Ares Crossfire Racer Quad RFR: 25mW VTX - Red
  • Ares Crossfire Racer Quad RFR: 25mW VTX - Red
  • Ares Crossfire Racer Quad RFR: 25mW VTX - Red


Ares Crossfire Racer Quad RFR: 25mW VTX - Red

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The Ares Z-line Crossfire Racing Quad is a high-performance quad that’s ideal for getting started in 250 class racing. The Crossfire provides natural flight characteristics designed and tuned for FPV racing through a custom flight controller that’s preloaded with the latest Cleanflight software and supports future updates via a USB port on the back of the quad. The 32bit flight controller is also customizable with multiple flight modes, including Acro (3-axis) and Self-Leveling (6-axis) mode. Powerful and efficient brushless race motors provide the Crossfire’s speed and are complemented by 12amp ESCs with ONE-SHOT enabled software.

A unique low-profile design and streamlined body combine to give the Crossfire improved aerodynamics and protection for the electronics against outdoor elements. The airframe is made from high-quality 3k twill weave matte carbon fiber for strength and lightweight performance. The Crossfire comes in your choice of 2 pre-painted, race-inspired stock canopies (red and blue) with 2 alternate choices (green and orange) offered separately so you can race in your choice of colors. To top off the attractive design, bright red LED tail lights help with visibility and make sure your competitors know who’s in front of them on the course.

As for a video system, the Crossfire comes with a pre-installed ultra-micro 200mW (US) or 25mW (UK) video transmitter, and a 640x480 camera with 120 degree FOV (field-of-view) that, together, combine to provide a crisp FPV experience. The VTX is compatible with your favorite goggles or a quality 5.8GHz video receiver / monitor, like the newly released Ares Z-line monitors.

Perhaps best of all, the Ares Z-line Crossfire arrives fully assembled out of the box and includes pretty much all the components you need to race -- even a 3S 2200mAh battery that’s easily removed without taking off the canopy. All you need to add is your own standard-size or satellite receiver and you’ll be heading out to race your new Crossfire before you know it.


  • Arrives RFR (Ready for Receiver) with no assembly needed.
  • Compact, low profile, lightweight design.
  • Solid lightweight carbon fiber construction.
  • 32 bit processing flight controller with pre-loaded CleanFlight software,
  • Multiple flight mode capability.
  • High performance powerful 2204-2300kV brushless motors.
  • ESCs pre-flashed with the latest BLHeli software for great stability.
  • Self-tightening CW and CCW prop units.
  • Fixed, tilted. camera mount for fast-forward flight.
  • Pre-installed LED tail lights.


  • Motor diagonals (mm): 280
  • Length (mm): 232
  • width (mm): 234
  • All-up weight (g): 560


  • 1 x Crossfire RFR racing quad including:
  • 4 x 12A superfast ESCs.
  • 4 x 2204-2300kV brushless motors.
  • 1 x 32 bit processing flight controller.
  • 1 x 640 x 480 camera.
  • 1 x Protected cloverleaf circular polarized antenna.
  • 1 x 3S 2200mAh 25C LiPo battery.
  • 1 x Ultra-micro 25mW, 32-channel 4-band 5.8GHz video transmitter.


  • 1 x 5-channel (minimum) transmitter.
  • 1 x 5-channel (minimum) end pin receiver.
  • 1 x Suitable Li-Po charger (Radient Ascend - RDNA0045).
  • 1 x Ares Z-Line FPV monitor or FPV goggles.