• Blood Angels: Predator Upgrade Pack
  • Blood Angels: Predator Upgrade Pack

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Blood Angels: Predator Upgrade Pack

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This multipart resin upgrade kit allows you to upgrade your Blood Angels Legion vehicles with Iliastus-pattern assault cannons, appropriately decorated with elegant filigree. The Sons of Sanguinius install these weapons on pintle mounts to shred infantry who approach their tanks, or pair two assault cannons in a Predator turret to create the unique Baal-pattern Predator tank.

This upgrade set includes:

- 1x Twin-linked Iliastus assault cannon, for use with the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank
- 1x Pintle-mounted Iliastus assault cannon with left and right gunner arms, for use with a variety of plastic Legiones Astartes tank kits

This upgrade kit contains five resin components, designed to be assembled with a variety of Legiones Astartes vehicle kits which are sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.