• Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 13

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Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 13


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It includes:

- Blood for the Blood God: delve into the background and history of Khorne teams, the various player positions, Star Players, and a team roster.

- Famous Khorne Teams: what do Khorne's Killers, The Bloodsoaked Bruisers, The Flesh Hounds, and The Khornate Cripplers all have in common? They all donated an overwhelming number of skulls to Khorne this season, and they feature in this section covering the many teams that play for blood.

- The Skull-tribe Slaughterers Team Spotlight: a special in-depth article focusing on one of the few Khorne teams to reach the epiphany that winning games means more chances to claim better quality skulls. Includes a team profile featuring team colours, honours, Spike! team rating as well as the roster of their famous 2497-2498 squad, and loads more.

- Star Player Spotlight – Grashnak Blackhoof: a renowned Blitzer known as "The Great Black Bull" often considered one of the most violent players to ever grace the gridiron.

- Chat With the Rat: everyone's favour-best rat Hackspit Quillchewer takes the time to talk to the owner of the Khornate Cripplers, Overlord Kolgan Bloodrage, about their storied rivalry with the Slaaneshi Sidewinders.

- Star Player Spotlight – Scyla Anfingrimm: a wrecking ball of muscle on the pitch, Scyla's unique brand of violence has given him heaps of adoring fans and sponsorship deals despite no one knowing where he came from.

- Chaos Leagues: all-new rules and advice to help you run Chaos Leagues – a variant on the standard Blood Bowl League Season. The Cursed Skull Goblet is open to all teams, however each team participating must select one of the four Chaos Gods or Chaos Undivided as their patron. Includes rules such as a Wrath of Khorne Weather Table, Khornate Kick-off Table, unique post-game sequences, and special rules for the Altar of Khorne Blood Bowl Pitch and Khornate balls.

- Dirt From the Dugout: Mindy Piewhistle delivers another steaming hot pile of gossip, this time focussing on the underhanded means the Crimson Butchers have been using to convert rival fans into Khorne worshippers.

- Eviscerate and Exsanguinate: this is your guide to getting the most out of your skull-loving Marauders. Includes an overview of the strengths of the Khorne team (violence) positions, tactics (enacting violence), how to start out, and how to develop your team over a league, as well as examples of offensive and defensive set-ups. Surprising no one, Khorne teams prefer offence.

- Star Player Spotlight – Max Spleenripper: innovative and skilled with a chainsaw, Max has become a must-have player in Khorne teams and a household name. Find out how he earned the name 'Spleenripper' right here.

- Ask Lord Borak: curious Blood Bowl fans have their questions answered by the fearsome Lord Borak.

- Coffin Corner: plenty of players have lost their heads over the years, pleasing Khorne greatly. This regular column remembers those who died, willingly or not, in tribute to the Blood God.

- Mighty Blow! – New Brawls Please: this comic takes a look back at one of Bob Bifford's games against a Khorne team.