• DPR Racer (Rubber Powered)


DPR Racer (Rubber Powered)


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A traditional balsa and tissue rubber-powered free-flight model of a pseudo modern racing aircraft that's perfect for teaching basic building and flight trimming techniques.

The art of model aeroplane building involves many skills that are best learnt in small steps rather than giant leaps. Achievable challenges and tasks are the foundation upon which greater challenges and more complex models can be attempted. At the very start, then, are aircraft that not only build quickly and teach essential skills, but also reward with a flight performance that inspires. Enter the Racer from the DPR Rubber Duration Series, a low commitment model that serves to introduce traditional building techniques, through the assembly of its tissue covered flying surfaces, and guaranteed satisfaction, due to its speedy build time. No matter what age you are everyone has something to gain from building, trimming and flying a Racer.

  • Wingspan (mm): 450
  • Length (mm): 385
  • Power source: Rubber
  • Construction: Balsa & tissue


      • Outstanding flying characteristics.
      • Easy to build.
      • Everything included except glue.
      • Perfect for all ages.
      • Ideal for teaching basic building skills.
      • Accurate laser cut balsa parts help speed assembly.
      • Rubber-powered for extended flight duration.


      • 1 x Laser cut balsa parts set.
      • 1 x Sandpaper square.
      • 1 x Racer self-adhesive sticker sheet.
      • 1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.
      • 1 x Plastic propeller and nose cone.
      • 1 x Wire undercarriage.
      • 1 x Sheet of tissue paper.
      • 1 x Wing and tailplane plan.
      • 2 x Elastic (motor) bands.


        • Glue (balsa cement, PVA or cyano).
        • Craft knife
        • Model pins