• Gloomspite Gitz: Trugg’s Great Troggherd
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Trugg’s Great Troggherd

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Gloomspite Gitz: Trugg’s Great Troggherd

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After a century or two of sleep, Trugg woke up with an almighty headache which might have something to do with the great celestial engine someone had stuck onto his head while he caught 40 winks. As the slightest hint of the arcane causes him excruciating pain in the skull, he’s gathered a horde of his fellow troggoths for a no-holds-barred magic-smashing tour – and the Twin-Tailed Crusade is in his warpath.

Trugg’s Great Troggherd gives you all the miniatures you need to start an all-troggoth army, including the king himself and his entourage of six Rockgut Troggoths. It’s the first place you can get this new bruiser, and it’s a great accompaniment to existing Gloomspite Gitz armies too!